About Me

Pedro Flynn

I have several passions, from Cinema, Music, Voice Acting, among others. Since I was a child I love reading stories out loud, impersonating characters or any other voices. Until just over half a decade ago, I decided to make my passion for narration my main job.

Depending on the number of words, the time of day or the number of purchases in the queue, I will be able to deliver your order in less than 1 hour, sometimes even in just over 10 minutes. You will receive a .wav file for each take I record, or an edited video (+ .wav file), if you choose the extra synchronization with the audio.

All audios are carefully treated, eliminating any noise, breaths or imperfections. I try to deliver the perfect diction, with the pauses, speeds and intonations that the client wants.

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What satisfied customers say about me:

"Truly impressive. Very professional and attentive. High quality voice and sound. Simply unbeatable. Congratulations!"​
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"Good voice and works very fast. Super professional! I recommend!"

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